Why healing energy is so important!

All of a sudden energy healing is capturing too much of attention. Even though eastern philosophy have always had the knowledge of something beyond the physical world that we experience. It is only now in the past decade or so that western world is understanding the significance of these sciences. They are seeing the importance of energy healing and seeking various resources like chakra healing, meditation, aura reading, cleansing the house, feng shui, etc. It is amazing to see the level of acceptance and dedication even our younger generation have for these alternative therapies. We know now that only keeping physical health in mind does not necessarily make a healthy being. Even when we face physical sickness most of the time the root of it could be not physical at all, but our symptoms of defects in our energy system. And no matter how hard one tries to treat such symptom following medical aid it is never completely gone till you cure your energy. Most of my clients can vouch for this, how improving their energy has helped them cure so many perennial health issues. Don’t get me wrong I am pro doctor, but like everything else even they have their limitation – they can only experiment with the physical world. And this is reason I have many clients who are doctors because they understand the importance of balancing the whole

We all living, non living beings are made of similar substance called atoms at the very root level. This atom contains only 0.00000001% of actual measurable substance the remaining 99.99999999% is nothing. If you study physics they will tell you that if you remove all that is nothing from inside a human being it will merely fit into a teaspoon. We only have limited control over the teaspoon of measurable substance with our current scientific knowledge remaining is just nothing and controlled by energy system of its own.

We have various names for this flow of energy in Hindi we call it ‘Prana’ and chinese people call it ‘chi’, but now we know they all mean the same and it is present in all things existing. When so much is controlled by this flow of energy then it becomes all the more apparent to study and improve this energy system if you really want to live a holistic life.

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