Guidelines to make your home more positive

Almost daily I am overwhelmed with people asking me about few tips to improve their house energies. Astroarchitecture as a science is a very personalized science. I balance the energies as per the person residing in that house. Hence making it more effective. Personalization is what makes this science adaptable and productive but it is also the reason that it becomes difficult for us to give any random advice without actually seeing the place thoroughly

However due to immense request I have tried our level best to come up with general guidelines for positive spaces which can be followed by all. I have listed few practices, which has the ability to manifest positivity in ones household. No matter how small the individual guideline may seem if done correctly can bring about vast difference. These guidelines would help you to increase positivity in your homes. The changes initially would be very minute so you need to be receptive to them.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 1
Lighting lamp in the evening

Almost every Hindu ritual begins with the lighting of the lamp, so for our first guideline we are going to begin with the same. As a practice you need to light a ghee diya everyday at sundown placing it next to water body in your kitchen. When I say water body I mean a clay pot with a lid. You can use this water for your daily use.
Why diya, because the flame of the diya represents Agni. Agni is known for its purity and its purifying capabilities. It represents positivity and goodness. It helps cleanse the environment of any outside negative factors. This process was a part of most of the households in India but sadly with time we are losing these valuable traditions.
We wish you all the very best and hope that these small changes would enhance your lives in a positive way.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 2
Ringing bells in the house

Last point we spoke about fire energy and its use in cleansing the negativity. Now we will focus on sound energy. Sound vibrations are very important as they expel the negative energies and invite the positive energy. In Feng Shui it is also used to move any stagnant energy. This can be achieved by any positive sound energy source, it can be as simple as women or girls adorning traditional anklets and bangles and moving in the house or by chanting mantra’s loudly and clearly which creates positivity. But in many households these things are not in daily practice so in such scenario I recommend ringing any simple temple bell throughout the house once in the morning and once in the evening. It helps in inflow of positivity and outflow of negativity hence cleansing your home environment.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 3
Orange in bedroom for balanced energy

We will be now focusing on colour energy for the next few guidelines. We will speak about the benefits of certain colours and how to use it for our own well being. Our first focus in on colour Orange. Orange is a very strong colour and it has healing properties. It combines the fiery energy of Red and warmth and happiness of yellow. Orange brings high degree of positivism and helps us through tough moments. It has great energy balancing properties. Orange colour helps restore our physical energy balance hence stabilizing the balance of positive and negative energies. A bedroom is a place which requires a well-balanced energy flow as it is a place which one uses the most and feels attached to the most. If you feel this place drains your energy in any way. Putting orange elements in the room help clear the energy flow and thus increase happiness, enthusiasm, positivity and upward energy. These elements can be in the form of bed sheets, vases, rugs or anything else. But it needs to be prominently visible.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 4
Yellow in cluttered areas

The colour we are focusing now is Yellow. Yellow stands for clarity, freshness, cheerfulness, positivity and Energy. On the other hand it also stands for deceit and malice. Because of its dual properties it has a neutralizing effect. If placed in positive area it reduces its positivity and vice versa if placed in negative area it reduces its negativity. Hence it is best used to simmer down the negativity of any area. Since this time I am not personally seeing the house and judging the positive and negative sectors, I am going to trust your judgement for the same. Every house has one area which is a cause of constant concern. These concerns could be any form for examples
This area no matter how hard one tries is never clutter free
It may have constant leakage and seepage issue
The electronics kept in this area may require constant repair and maintenance work
These are just few of major issues, there could be others too. My concerns are not with these physical damages that it causes but if this area is active then it can cause lot of other issues in one’s personal and professional life so it is highly recommended, if you are able to spot such an area in your house then use yellow elements to reduce its negativity. Keep cleaning and repairing this area as much as possible. The yellow elements could be in any form but the colour needs to bright taxi yellow and should be prominently visible.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 5
Red to enhance positivity

Lets understand the colour Red. Pure Red colour is one of the most energetic and aggressive colour in our physical world. It is an emotionally intense colour, highly positive and has the capability of enhancing the energy of its surrounding by twofold. It not only increases the energy of the surroundings but it has the capability of changing our physical life force. Red is a very powerful colour and one that cannot be used without proper understanding of the placement inside the house. It cannot be played around with. So we are going to use this colour only in splashes. Add some red elements in the kitchen as members of the house spend a lot of their time there so getting positive energy is beneficial. Add few red elements in area which is most used as family sitting place. And lastly it is important to use red at the entrance as a doormat as it transforms the person’s energy entering your house. Bigger the better. Also always keep it clean for its effectiveness to last. When I talk about red colour it has to be bright blood red.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 6
Best color for child’s room

I heard this quote somewhere and it has always stuck with me “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about”. It is so true. Sometimes I wish I could unlearn and be like a child again so open to things and so connected with the nature. Today we are discussing the colours to be used for child’s study area or room. Who better to tell you what is needed by the child then the child himself. We as parents sometimes don’t value our child’s opinion especially for things which are more permanent in nature like the colours used in their room. Since their mind could change anytime and one never knows how soon that is going to be. But trust your child if he wants certain colour in his room or study table that means he is feeling lack of certain energy which that particular colour has the ability to give. In such scenario I always ask parents to paint the room with light colour so that it is bright for the child and then add splashes of the colours that your child wants in his or her room. This way you are giving them the colour energy that they really need without changing too much all the time. Same thing goes for their study area you can add elements of their favourite colours which can be in any form.

Positive Spaces Guideline No 7
Green plants for peacefulness

Out of the few things that I often suggest, placement of plants is one of the most important things. Why plants? How do they help? How do plants affect the surrounding energy?
I am sure that all of us have experienced that at times after meeting a certain person we feel completely drained and exhausted; and on the other hand there are some people who just always make us more cheerful and happy no matter how bad we were feeling earlier. Why do these people have such profound impact on us? Well, it’s because of the different aura or energy flow every human being possesses. If the energy flow of the other person clashes with our energy flow, we feel drained; if it enhances our energy flow, we feel more energetic. Similarly every living being has its own energy field.
Out of all the living beings, plants almost always have a positive energy field and that is because they are always in tune with the nature’s rhythm. They get up with sun rise and sleep with sunset. They are always growing and so is their energy. That is why we feel so good when we are around plants, trees, parks, fields and mountains. Plants, when placed in our home or office, enhances the surrounding energies. Hence it is important to be placed in the positive areas of the house which by now you must have intuitively understood in your own house. It may seem like the most accessible, simple thing one can own but its power is absolutely undeniable.
Positive Spaces Guideline No 8
Avoid mirrors facing each other

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Who hasn’t heard these famous lines from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in which an evil queen uses a magical mirror to quench her vanity? The magic of that mirror as with all mirrors is its ability to reflect the reality and energies. Mirrors are powerful because of the depth they create. The basic law of the universe is that ‘energy flows wherever attention goes’. Mirrors, hence, become powerful tools that enhance the energy of the space they are in. We all have our own list of ideas and beliefs when it comes to mirrors, right from bad luck associated with a broken mirror to avoiding placing one in front of the bed, and many more. The truth is, mirrors are powerful not because of what they reflect but because of the depth they create and the increased amount they reflect. When we have two mirros facing each other and if you look at the depth it is infinite. Which is very powerful and can be dangerous if not placed with complete knowledge. Hence my guideline for this week is if you do have mirrors in the house which reflect each other please remove or cover them. It is better to not play with such extreme energy.
Read more about the powerful influence of Mirrors here-

These 8 guidelines if done correctly can bring about a lot of good changes in one’s household. Again this is just an effort from our side to make some improvement in your day to day lives if you have any pressing matter it is advisable to show us the place.
All the best!!

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