How does mirror affects the energy of a place?

“Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest one of all”

Who hasn’t heard these famous lines from the Snow white and Seven Dwarfs story in which an evil queen uses a magical mirror to quench her vanity? The magic of that mirror as with all mirrors ever created is its ability to reflect the unbiased Truth.
Traditionally, mirrors have been associated with vanity and beauty. From the Royals personal accessories to adorning the walls of intricate architecture throughout history, mirrors have been an integral part of enhancing the beauty of the space they are in. Such is their power that they encapsulate your attention, even if for a second, whenever you are there in their vicinity. For some, even hours are less in front of one.

The basic law of the universe is that ‘Energy flows wherever attention goes’. Mirrors, hence, become powerful tools to enhance the energy of the space it is in. Over the centuries, due to its significance and exceptional quality of reflecting
back what is, mirrors became associated with a lot of supernatural ideas and myths. In certain traditions, all the mirrors in the house are covered if there is a death that has occurred in the family because they believe that souls get trapped
in their reflection. We all have our own list of myths around mirrors right from the bad luck from a broken mirror to the one where we should not have a mirror in front of our bed and many more. The truth is, mirrors are powerful not because of what they reflect but to the depth they create within themselves.

In Astroarchitecture, the science that we practice, mirrors play a very important role. Every house has a certain number of negative sectors, which effects your health, wealth, and peace of mind as well as positive sectors that influences your
success, money and well-being. Intuitively we always know which of the areas in our house is the negative one. It will have perennial problems like leakage, unnecessary clutter and sometimes even unexplainable pungent odor to it. The positive sectors will most likely be the one where you love sleeping or relaxing. Being in that area in your house brings you a certain peace of mind. The mirror in any of these sectors increases their depth, doubling the effect it is having on that individual’s life. Therefore, even in our consultations we place great emphasis on the position, size and placement of any mirrors in the house or offices. The bigger the mirror, the bigger is its effect. Not to be feared, but the most dangerous placing of mirrors are when they are facing each other. In very unique cases we allow such placements because the depth and reflection of the facing mirrors create an infinity effect, which essentially means that even if it is placed in the positive sector, the infinity effect will end up incorporating and amplifying the negative sectors as well.

Although, an essential part of our lives and a great tool to enhancing the beauty of our interiors, mirrors play an integral part in influencing the energy of your space and in turn your life. The best tip we can give you is that follow your intuition and be vigilant about the effects it is having in your and your loved ones lives. Experiment with them, cover them up for a week and see whether you find any changes occurring in your life. Accordingly you can then take an informed
decision about their placement.

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