Astrology – Judging by Mahadasha part1

This is one of the most important chapter dealing with timing of the events. We will be covering this topic in parts as it is quite huge. As mentioned earlier astrology can never be mastered only by reading about it. It can be mastered only by experiencing it. Start looking at the birth charts of your near and dear ones and start relating it to the events, their personality, their experiences.
When predicting each and every aspect has to be carefully understood and amalgamated. Each planet has its own share of positive results and negative results during its dasha. But to know which will be more prominent comes only with experience.
While Judging a Mahadasha of a particular planet you have to see the following
– Planets own nature and behavior
– houses he owns
– houses he occupies
– depositing house
– houses he aspects from the place of deposition
– planets he is conjoined with
– aspections of other planets on him
– planet exaltation, debilitation, retrogation or combustion

Basic Principals to Judge by Mahadasha
Various matters has been assigned to each house and each house belong to different categories Quadrant (1,4,7,10), trine (1,5,9), Evil trine (6,8,12), Upchaya houses (3,6,10,11)
Depending on which houses the planet owns the effect in those matters can be judged. Lets say the planet owns Quadrants or Trine houses then the result of the Mahadasha will be positive specially if the planet is well placed. However lets says a planet owns quadrant and evil trine then the result would be mixed as it will give some positive result due to quadrant ownership and some negative result due to evil ownership but the balance whether it would be more negative or more positive would depend on how well placed and strong the planet is. Lets take a example for Aquarius ascendant in Mercury Mahadasha Mercury owns 5th (trine) house and 8th (evil trine house) and is deposited in 9th house in conjunction with Jupiter. It will give some good result due to 5th ownership and some bad result due to 8th ownership however because it is deposited in 9th house (Bhagya house) and in conjunct with a benefic it will give mostly good result. However if Mercury would have been deposited in 12th house then the result would have been entirely different and more negative.
Secondly while judging a Mahadasha we have to understand what is the planet Karaka of and what is the general behaviour of the planet. Because result would be seen very much in sync with the nature of the planet. A Moon as lord of 1st house deposited in 5th would give different result compared to Sun as lord of 1st house deposited in 5th. It is because they are Karakas of different things and their basic nature is very different.

written by Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

Astrologer and Astroarchitect Mentored by Neeta Sinha
A little about the mentor:
Astroarchitecture is a science pioneered by Neeta Sinha “the lady behind all the starry homes” It is a science like Vaastu used to heal home, office or any other premise. But unlike Vaastu it is very specific and does not require any structural changes

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