Astrology – Example Birth Chart 2

In the above example

1)      Judging by the Ascendant. In this particular example the ascendant is Gemini. Gemini represents witty, quick thinkers, loves to Mingle. It represents Dual nature. The Ascendant has three major planets Mercury the house lord, Saturn and Sun. Mercury being the house lord makes the person highly intelligent, however unlike Jupiter, Mercury does not give spiritual intelligence, it gives real world intelligence, practical intelligence. Makes the person good with multi tasking, good with communication. Sun and Saturn are both big planets so this makes one always aim for big things. This person will never settle for something small. Looking at the next planet how does Saturn affect the personality. What is Saturn – Saturn is routine work, workaholic, fear, anxiety, rules, boundaries. So this person would be very specific about the do’s and dont’s. This person would like their routine work, would not like sudden changes, would be very anxious and restless mentally. The presence of Sun would make this person responsible. He will not shy away from his responsibilities. Presence of Sun in ascendant would make this person bald at a very young age.

2)      Very strong combination in this horoscope is Gaj-Kesari Yog (Guru and Chan) together. Any house this yog is present it gives maximum benefit of that house. Whatever that house symbolises would be given to you in abundance. So in this horoscope we can see that the Gaj Kesari yog is formed in the 9th house. What does 9th house represent – 9th represents your luck (bhagya), spiritual/religious inclination, spiritual growth, long journeys. Having Gaj Kesari in 9th house will enhance all these qualities. But remember this person is predominantly a Mercury by nature also the lord of 9th house is sitting in close conjunction with Mercury – which gives real world practical understanding of things. So it is quite possible that this person may not be quite interested in the spiritual journey because it goes against its basic nature. However this person would be immensely lucky in all its pursuit and would have to take lot of long journeys. Also remember 9th house does not represent settling abroad it only represents long journey. For a person to settle abroad you also have to see the 12th house.

3)      Looking at the 2nd House. The lord is sitting with Guru forming Gaj Kesari. This position will give him a strong family, however Mars is deposited and it is debilitated. What does this mean. What is Mars – Mars is energy, force, fearlessness, anger. So when Debilitated Mars is sitting in the house of your family it defines the nature of your family. It means there would be lots of unnecessary rifts due to short temper. They will use their energy to keep this person close but through negative force. But due to strong position of moon despite all rifts the bond will not break.

This is a very good example for planetary conjunctions. How planet influence each other when we they are sitting together. Any further questions please feel free to write below.

written by Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

Astrologer and Astroarchitect Mentored by Neeta Sinha
A little about the mentor:
Astroarchitecture is a science pioneered by Neeta Sinha “the lady behind all the starry homes” It is a science like Vaastu used to heal home, office or any other premise. But unlike Vaastu it is very specific and does not require any structural changes

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