The Balancing Act of Mercury

Mercury is not only the Financial Head element in the house of planets, it is also ‘the winged messenger of the Gods’, i.e., the expression of all the other planets. To simplify it further, Mercury is the planet that represents the human consciousness and also has the maximum effect on it. Those of us practicing astrology are keenly aware of the fact that Mercury is the planet that acts as the interpreter of the influence of other planets. Having studied astrology for many years now, I strongly believe in the positive effects of the planet Mercury and feel that it is a boon for those individuals who have favourable Mercury in their charts.

The positive influence of Mercury makes a person highly intelligent and efficient, and they can finish any tasks assigned to them on time because of their disciplined nature. It also imparts a mental stability to those under its influence, which makes these people balanced individuals. Consequently, once these people take a decision, they stand by it and are able to properly execute the same. It is this rational stability lent by Mercury that makes a person calculative as well. This planet also represents the principles of communication, thereby, governing schooling and learning processes. It also affects the rational thinking process of individuals, and those under the positive influence of Mercury tend to usually be accountants, auditors and in other such professions where logic, reasoning and practicality rule.

Another interesting aspect about the planet Mercury is the fact that being a representative of intellect and all things related to the mind, it is a gender neutral planet. This can be better explained if we analyze the three phases of the soul, namely, animal, human and spiritual. Out of these three phases, Mercury represents the phase which is neither animal nor entirely spiritual but a distinctly human spiritual nature. Thus, it represents the plane of pure mind, where gender distinctions are usually blurred, and hence, it aptly represents a dual character.

Mercury being the governing planet of logic and reasoning, people under the influence of this planet are usually practical and good at handling businesses and all money related matters. They are good with all kinds of trading work.

They are strategic thinkers and are very good with saving money and curtailing expenses. As Mercury signifies traits of dual character, when it rules your income positions, you can enjoy the benefits of dual income too. With so many pragmatic benefits of having Mercury on your side, I would suggest all of us should do the needful to be under the favourable influence of it. It will help to wear the gemstone emerald, as well as the colour green on Wednesdays as it is considered to be favourable for the planet Mercury.

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