The Moon and its Myriad Moods

The radiance of the moon has enthralled us for ages and its beauty has left us amazed time and again. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Moon stands for the feminine aspect of life and denotes feminine qualities. Feminine aspects like caring, nurturing, healing, fertility and warmth are all associated with the moon and its celestial splendour. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss the motherly qualities of the moon, which is a great influencing factor in the lives of women all over the world.
In the house of planets, the moon is considered to be the motherly or wifely element that is dutiful and devoted. The moon represents the energies of a mother and her family, as well as wisdom, love, kindness, peace and wellbeing. The special factor that endows the moon with its nurturing quality is the fact that it is the conductor of the power lent by the Sun. It is this conduction quality that is believed to help the moon influence the personality of people. Known as the Queen of the night, the moon is worshipped not only for her beauty but also honoured as the giver of light and life.

The moon’s attributes are also vividly reflected in the nature of a mother. She is the giver of life, gentle, nurturing, sensitive as well as emotionally strong. A mother, just like the moon, has many sides to her and is a perfect multitasker, glorious in all her forms. It is the nature of the mother to be sacrificial and reliable. Thus, a mother is also an amalgamation of all the honourable qualities found due to the influence of the moon on feminine energies. Once more, I would like to remind you that the feminine energy mentioned here is irrespective of gender. A male can also display a high level of Moon energy in his horoscope and vice versa.
The moon is also known to influence fertility and abundance, and is known to help in fruition of actions. So far, we have discussed the positive aspects of the moon but now I would like to discuss how the moon also has an untamed side to itself and can cause ruination. If the moon is not well placed in an individual’s chart, it can cause hardships for them by causing a lot of restlessness and insecurity. In order to combat the ill placement of the moon, one can resort to wearing pearl as they are known to stabilize the influence of the moon. It is also advisable to wear the colour white on Monday as this is helpful in making the effects of the moon more positive.
All in all, it cannot be denied that the moon is the essence of all female energies which lies at the bottom of all sources of life. And all of us need to come together to respect and honour these energies, as well as the harbinger of these energies.

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