The Power of Red

The concept of a colour’s energy has always fascinated me because of its unique ability to sustain life. It is also one of those theories whose veracity has been questioned time and again but now this concept has also been backed up scientifically, putting to rest the constant speculation behind its existence.

To acquaint the readers to this concept, let me first tell you how a colour’s energy works. We are all aware about the fact that light is the most important energy source for most forms of life. Its importance stems from the fact that it travels through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which in turn influences our entire biochemical function. This biochemical functions can be carried out with the aid of light as many of you might be already aware; because of the energy found in the frequency of each colour which has a nutritive effect. This way each colour in the spectrum has the power to influence our body and mind, both positively and negatively.

Today, I am going to throw some light on the energy of the colour red, which is one of the most powerful colours of the colour spectrum. It is the colour of blood, the very source of life and vitality. This is the reason why red is used to bring about an increase in enthusiasm and energy, wherever needed. The energy of the colour red can be used to harness power, courage and also to strengthen the body. If used properly, its energy can also be used for protection from fears and anxieties.

The colour red is symbolic of fire and thereby is also considered to be representative of divine energy, which can be both destructive and creative. This energy, if balanced properly, can bring joy and excitement in one’s life. It is interesting to note how the colour red is symbolic of different things in different cultures. In India, it is the colour associated with auspicious events like marriage, whereas for the Chinese, it is the colour of luck and happiness. In the West, it is the colour of courage, passion, love and romance. But it is also advisable to use the energies of this colour in moderation because too much of it can bring about restlessness, and over-stimulation.

Here’s an interesting fact I’m sure not a lot of people are aware of; why are carpets at events red? This is because the colour red has the unique quality to ward off negativity. You can understand why this is an important trait for red carpet events! People are rushed, celebrities are late, plans are compromised and emergency situations may arise… so on and so forth! This is exactly why red is used, to keep us positive and upbeat, while warding off other irritations.

Personally, I am very keen to use colour energy wherever possible and red remains a special favourite for its ability to bring fresh energies, stimulation and the power to energize.

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