More Oxygen for a Better Life!

Science has proven that a number of factors are responsible for our existence. One of the prime factors is air and to be more precise, oxygen. It is the life force that not just keeps us alive, but also influences the energies around us.

Since the ancient age, a lot of beliefs have been prevalent in India. Some people negate these beliefs as superstitious; however, some of them do have some sound scientific reasoning behind them.

Let’s consider the first example, that of a cow, which is considered to be sacred in India. During various festivals in India, there is a tradition of worshipping cows throughout the country. Have you ever wondered where this belief originated from and why this practise is followed? Yes, the answer does have a scientific grounding – it is because cows produce more oxygen than any other animal in the world! When cows exhale oxygen, it is not in O2 form that can combine with carbon to form CO2, which is considered a waste gas to humans. So, in this way, they do give out more oxygen.

Now let’s talk about the river Ganges, it is India’s holiest river and is considered to be highly auspicious. This also can be attributed to the fact that the Ganges is very rich in oxygen levels and can quickly renew and purify its water, thus remaining fresh for a long time.

When we speak about more oxygen for our respiration needs, how can we not talk about trees? Trees exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. However, the Peepal tree is known to exhale oxygen throughout the day and even at night! It is for this reason that it is considered ideal for meditation by holy people. The famous ‘Bodhi’ tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment is none other than a Peepal tree. As this tree gives large amount of oxygen, it helps purify one’s thoughts and the environment around, which is apt for meditation.

Thus, an adequate amount of oxygen is favourable when we are looking to lead a healthy and harmonious life.

5 thoughts on “More Oxygen for a Better Life!

  1. Shubham Saxena says:

    Cows don’t produce or exhale oxygen. They are simply like any other mammal in respiratory functioning.
    Further, this is not the scientific grounding for Cow being considered scared.
    Cow is scared simply because Cows secure the second highest position in order of the 84,00,000 yonis after that of humans. Killing a cow is a big sin. The ground should be that, Cows are very dear to Krishna

    • neetasinha says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please do check online. You will get lot of information on what I am saying. And there are thousands of reasons why cow is considered sacred, I have just stated some which are not that common! Cows are dear to Krishna, Mouse is dear to Ganesha and Snakes are dear to Shiv. All of these animals are representation of certain energy. All animals are important some less some more but all are important.

    • saurabh says:

      @subham – First of all you need to brush your your grammar and spelling . Its sacred not scared . Literally i am scared of you . LOL

  2. Arjun says:

    I think Indian people should have a clearcut clarification in this issue, as of what if u r saying is the truth then the govt should impose it rightnow. Because neither killing a cow is a joke, nor killing humans. Cows exhale oxygen, if thats true then why isnt the public aware of it. If everything was to be ok, it would have been ok till now, but the govt is useless basically all governments are useless. People sitting in Delhi still rule the people of India just like the Kings ruled the slaves but only in the name of a system called Democracy.

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