Tips for Positive Energy

Many people keep asking me about vaastu shastra tips that they should follow in their homes and offices. And I keep insisting that I am not a Vaastu consultant, but yes there are some generic tips that I believe can be helpful if you are constructing your own independent house.

Once again, I cannot insist enough that the following generic vaastu shastra tips are only applicable if you are getting your own house built; please do not take these as tips or remedies that I would generally provide after creating an astrological chart of your premises as I balance the already existing positive and negative energies of that place. Read more about the science I practice at http://www.neetasinha.com/what-is-house-horoscope/

So, here we go:

  1. The most preferred entry is from the north-east corner
  2. Kitchen should be in the south-east corner and the oven or gas stove should be kept in south
  3. Master bedroom is most preferable in the south west corner
  4. Pooja room to be in the north east corner
  5. Pooja idol should be kept facing west
  6. While sleeping, head should be in the south, east or west directions (that is, feet should not be towards south)
  7. Toilet should not be in the north-east corner
  8. Stairs should not be in the centre of the house
  9. Kids room should be in the north side

These generic vaastu shastra tips, combined with the remedies that I provide, can be a very powerful tool in ushering in positivity, growth and happiness in your personal and professional lives.

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