Balancing Energies at your Home and Office

Though what I practice is very personalized and specific to a particular premises, here are some general tips to balance positive and negative energies at your home and office. You may call these as feng shui tips as some of the elements are derived from it:

  1. Drooping Money Plant: It’s one of the simplest ways to get rid of the negative energies. Plants breathe and hence take away the negative energy in the house when placed in the right area. The plant should be drooping or flowing from the pot rather than winding from grills.
  2. The Colour Red: This colour signifies energy, blood and a powerful internal force hence it is considered to be one of the most dangerous, aggressive and yet the most effective colour to bring cosmic balance in your immediate environment. Misuse of this colour can have adverse side effects but its judicious use can bring good luck.
  3. Mirrors: Mirrors work equally well in eradicating the negative energy in one’s environment. Though it is popularly believed that one should not see his/her own reflection in the mirror while sleeping, there is no truth behind this myth.
  4. Wind Chimes: The sound vibrations of wind chimes signify, astronomically, the cleansing of one’s dwelling/homestead. Probably one of the most common of feng shui tips, wind chimes are best placed near the window as they should be ringing constantly. Earlier women used to wear payal, hang keys on their waist and ring bells in the house to help eliminate the negative energy.
  5. Water Body: A fish tank or a fountain signifies the washing away of negative energy. Any water feature should always have flowing water, as stagnant water invites negative energy. This is again one of the most common of feng shui tips provided but I advise it based on the astrological chart of the house.

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